Government and Enterprise Solutions

SpeedyCloud supports customizing professional government affair cloud platforms and constructing intensive, efficient and safe government and enterprise clouds.

Core Advantages
High scalability
Using software driven resources, it supports connecting users' business platform.
High reliability
Supports online fault migration, load balancing, and highly reliable storage to effectively avoid disruption or loss of response of the business system in the event of hardware failures and full load.
Security protection
Converged with first-rate security protection architecture to provide security technologies including network protection, intrusion detection, data leakage detection, and vulnerability protection, ensuring the all-around protection of business security.
Efficient migration
Safe and efficient migration tools and services, helping to keep the network configuration consistent with the one before migration, and ensure a low-cost, low-risk and ordered migration.
Functional Characteristics
  • On-line storage expansion

    Supports on-line storage expansion and live migration; passes large-scale pressure and fail over tests.

  • Distributed firewalls

    Defines firewalls of different policies that can be deployed in any cloud servers.

  • Triggered monitoring and alarm

    User-defined monitoring content and thresholds.

  • Business platform

    Connects users’ business platform and software driven resources.

They Are All Using SpeedyCloud!
  • HNA Group is a global company with diversified business interests that focus on aviation, tourism, logistics and financial services with significant operations globally.

  • Ping An Insurance (Group) was the first insurance company in China to adopt a shareholding structure.

  • Lenovo is one of the world's leading personal technology companies, producing innovative PCs and mobile internet devices.

  • Volvo Car Group produces a premium range of cars that includes sedans, wagons, sportswagons, cross country cars and SUVs.

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