Operator Solutions

SpeedyCloud provides big data infrastructure and analytical technology for Telecom operators, extracts valuable information from massive data, processes raw data into data capabilities, and creates new services.

Core Advantages
Data processing
PB level data processing capacity, making mass data processing easier.
Data model
Flexible and dynamically changing data models
Automatic monitoring/recovery
Automatic monitoring and recovery of cluster failures help to improve cluster availability.
Linear extension
Incremental and almost unlimited extension; linear extension of performance and storage capacity
Response within a second
Can be deployed on private cloud platform; ultimate virtualization performance: resource response within a second, with <1% performance loss (KVM)
Big data template
Distribution of virtual hosts within a second, batch deployment of big data modules in custom templates
Automatic recovery
Supports automatic fault recovery and one-minute fault recovery
Two-layer isolation
Two-layer isolation for dedicated network
Functional Characteristics
  • Big data platform

    Supports a variety of big data platforms such as Hadoop and Spark.

  • Distributed database

    The distributed database, capable of large-scale concurrent processing and linear scalability.

  • Hierarchical data deployment

    Hierarchical data deployment, helping to reduce data redundancy and improve data quality.

  • Light assets, rapid expansion, and high quality

    Provides elastic cloud products such as cloud server, cloud storage, bandwidth and cloud monitoring, and dedicated high specification physical clusters supports rapid expansion of business system and hybrid cloud deployment to boosts Internet finance business innovation

They Are All Using SpeedyCloud!
  • Liaoning Radio and Television is one of the general media companies, regrouped from original Liaoning Radio, Liaoning Television and Liaoning Education Television.

  • China Telecom is one of the largest state-owned telecommunication companies in China, with a total registered capital of RMB220.4 billion.

  • CCTV+ is committed to becoming a world video news agency, reporting China to the world as well as reporting the world to the world.

  • China Mobile's businesses primarily consist of mobile voice and data business, wireline broadband and other information and communications services.

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