Gaming Solutions

As your first choice of the gaming operation, SpeedyCloud can provide custom solutions based on characteristics of the gaming industry such as concentrated access time, traffic explosion and frequent data exchange to satisfy all kinds of demands and help your games easily onto the cloud.

Core advantages
Ultra-high stability
Low network delay and small network jitter can satisfy the network requirements of games; 99.95% cloud server availability, 99.9999% data reliability and real-time online migration can guarantee service continuity without downtime and improve the gaming experience.
Data centers around the globe
Provides global services, with 12 major overseas nodes covering the whole continent of Europe, east and west coasts of America and the Asia-Pacific region, boosting globalization layout of games.
High-performance cloud products
High IO cloud server, high availability cloud database with 10 thousand IOPS, and diversified storage solution help to cope with traffic surge, high concurrency, and mass access easily; high IO and low delay can satisfy massive data interaction of games and perfectly support various kinds of games.
Coping with constant traffic changes
Equipped with advantages such as expansible resources and scalable architecture, helping to cope with constant changes of game traffic, and support the explosive growth of game players.
Functional Characteristics
  • Superior performance

    For game applications, SSD high-performance cloud server with ultra-high IO reading and writing performance dozens of times that of ordinary cloud server can ensure stable IOPS in the event of high concurrency, avoid game lagging, and improve the gaming experience and retention rate.

  • Safe and reliable

    Bottom layer adopts distributed file system with data stored in different physical computers and supports disk snapshots which enables rapid data recovery; data availability reaches 99.999999%; and enables elastic expansion and flexible and unlimited expansion according to actual use.

  • Coping with traffic

    Equipped with advantages including expansible resources and scalable architecture, helping to support the explosive growth of game players.

  • Rich resources

    Cloud computing resources cover various countries and regions around the globe. In addition to the full coverage of domestic multiline BGP, it also covers the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, America and other regions, so that you can carry out fast global business deployment.

They Are All Using SpeedyCloud!
  • Oasis Games with more than 200 million registered players have become the one of the best global interactive entertainment publisher.

  • Hoolai (Beijing) Technology is an online game R & D, operation and service company. Its main product is brand Hoolai.

  • Longtu Game is dedicated to the development and distribution of Web and mobile games in and out of China.

  • ZCTECH GAMES is the most potential mobile game R & D and operation company in China.

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