Education Solutions

SpeedyCloud products support services such as efficient live broadcast and on-demand acceleration based on the characteristics of the online education industry and can achieve rapid deployment and elastic expansion of platform and improve service efficiency.

Core Advantages
Safe and reliable
Leading storage reliability to ensure the physical security of videos; elastic anti-leech to protect your traffic security; powerful video encryption function to protect your copyright from piracy.
Easy to use
Perfect packaging technique enables you to construct a secure and highly customizable platform and application with no need of knowing such technical details as audio and video storage, transcoding, encryption, distribution, and playback.
All-around protection
Provides an all-around safety guarantee mechanism including streaming authentication, content encryption, play authentication and anti-leech.
Elastic expansion
High-performance and high-concurrency distributed architecture helps to support dynamic expansion of billion-level users.
One-stop service
Provides a complete one-stop SDK from collection end, service end to play end, which enables to connect live broadcast service seamlessly to business platforms and supports mainstream platforms including PC/Android/iOS/Web.
Efficient video compression/transcoding
Physical cloud servers with exclusive access to hardware resources help to guarantee smooth compression / transcoding of course resources; highly responsive to course queries by combining with the database.
Professional technical team
7*24 online technical support team to provide solutions for your varied problems and professional guidance for your architecture and deployment.
Global coverage
Access points cover the whole country and other major countries around the globe. If your teacher(s) or student(s) is/are abroad, a perfectly intelligent access system can provide you with an optimal channel.
Functional Characteristics
  • Rich course service functions

    Course on-demand and live businesses of online education, supporting not only basic Web services but also such functions as file upload, video upload, video file transcode, course-on-demand and live services

  • File uploading template

    File uploading template composed of elastic load balancing, file upload service cluster (cloud server product) and original file storage (cloud storage product) can improve the efficient and high availability file upload service and the reliable and mass capacity raw file storage service.

  • Media file transcoding template

    Media file transcoding template composed of media file transcoding (cloud server products) and index/sliced file storage (cloud storage products) can provide efficient media file transcoding and mass storage services.

  • Media service template

    Media service template composed of media service clusters (cloud server products), elastic load balancing and CDN can provide efficient and high availability media services, and distribute media files to the edge of user’s network through CDN, and improve the quality of media services.

They Are All Using SpeedyCloud!
  • DongSys has been providing various solutions for industries including financial, securities, telecom, government, aerospace, utilities, public security, healthcare, social security, manufacture, and education.

  • Tomorrow Advancing Life (NYSE: TAL) is a leading education and technology enterprise in China.

  • SQZT engages in network engineering for governments and schools, security and monitoring engineering and software customization.

  • Chongqing University (CQU) is one of the top 1% Chinese universities within the framework of the State 211 Project and 985 Project.

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