Finance Solutions

SpeedyCloud provides safe and reliable cloud computing services for banking, security, insurance, and Internet finance industries, helping financial customers build a safe and compliant cloud computing IT system with low cost, high elasticity, high availability and high reliability, and providing technical support for efficiency improvement and business innovation of financial institutions.

Core Advantages
High availability system
99.999999% data reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operation of users' business
Strong computation performance
High-performance cloud servers build customer business system and provide a large number of computing groups; high-end CPU supports ultra-fast reading and writing speed.
High-quality BGP multiline route
Selects the best route to solve intercommunication problems; one public network IP address serving all operator links and users in all regions.
Safe and reliable
ISO27001, Trusted Cloud authentication; multi-region server rooms to provide business and data disaster recovery solutions; perfect security system to protect against large traffic DDOS attacks.
Light assets, high quality, and rapid expansion
Provides elastic cloud products such as cloud server, cloud storage, bandwidth and cloud monitoring, and dedicated high specification physical clusters supports the rapid expansion of the business system and hybrid cloud deployment to boost business innovation.
Guarantees business continuity
Supports disaster recovery solutions including availability zone solution, dual-databases-within-one-area solution, and three-databases-in-two-areas solution, provides flexible combination architecture, enables diversified and flexible disaster recovery of financial architecture, and ensures business continuity and stability.
Quick deployment
Just a few minutes from purchase to deployment, ensuring out-of-the-box public IP and bandwidth usage; reduces the cost of transforming the original architecture and increases the high scalability of cloud computing resources; promotes the rapid launching of business during the transition period and rapid development of expanding the business.
Flexibly coping with unexpected business
Domestic leading cloud computing technology, products, and services helping business architecture achieve higher scalability Respond flexibly to business growth in development period and business explosion in promotion period Balance between cost and investment while ensuring user experience
Functional Characteristics
  • Finance dedicated cloud

    Provides independent cloud server room environments with physical isolation, dedicated physical clusters, advanced security services, high-quality IO guarantees high-quality customer services and more reliable and rich resource allocation mechanisms for medium and large financial institutions.

  • Dedicated line access

    Provides stable and reliable VPN and dedicated line intercommunication, helping to construct a financial, hybrid cloud architecture easily.

  • Financial security

    Resists all kinds of security attacks, provides a series of professional security services such as vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection analysis and creates exclusive attack protection and cooperative defense solutions to ensure the security of the financial business.

  • Financial object storage

    Distributed storage architecture, supporting the automatic expansion of unlimited capacity, data backup in multiple places and rooms and perfect ACL authority control, helping to realize cloud storage of electronic bills, files and images easily.

They Are All Using SpeedyCloud!
  • CreditEase is a Beijing-based leading FinTech conglomerate in China, specializing in inclusive finance and wealth management.

  • Ytpay is the professional financial information services provider focusing on pre-paid car services and commercial services integration.

  • China Minzu Securities is one of the general security companies authorized by China Securities Regulatory Commission with complete certifications and qualifications as of today.

  • Longdai presents SMB and personnel accomplished Internet financial information services based on comprehensive risk management systems.

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