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Provides high availability and high concurrency cloud services, multiple security guarantee for businesses and data, elastic and flexible cloud computing products to cope with high concurrency demand, rich and diverse picture processing and cloud video services to meet the needs of traditional and innovative businesses, and help enterprises adapt to market trend and respond to business changes and expansion.

Core Advantages
Elastic resource guarantee
Provides automatic scaling services; predicts resource usage according to business operation state; increases and reduces computing resources promptly; ensures resource demands caused by sudden business growth and big promotions, and minimizes the costs of resource input
High availability guaranteeing business stability
Cloud resource instance, supporting automatic fault migration, main and backup disaster recovery strategies, and providing cross-availability-zone deployment strategies as well as cross-region disaster recovery solutions. It also supports constructing ultra-high availability disaster recovery architecture according to business requirements to ensure business continuity and stability.
Big data supporting data operation
Provides data storage and processing services, such as data warehouse, Hadoop, archiving and storage, conducive to massive data precipitation and user behavior data analysis, enhancing data value, supporting data operation and satisfying requirements of delicate business operations.
All-around protection guaranteeing business security
Provides anti-DDoS services, Web application protection, intrusion detection and Web vulnerability scanning services to ensure application security in an all-around way; supports automatic backup and a second backup of server and database to reduce the risks of data loss.
Functional Characteristics
  • Anti-intrusion

    Effectively resists DDoS, CCN, Web and other intrusions, guaranteeing the continuity of customers' business while cleaning attack traffic within a second.

  • Picture security processing

    Supports picture watermark and picture anti-leech to protect product pictures from being stolen and tampered.

  • Mass storage services

    Provides reliable, safe and easy-to-use mass storage service.

  • CDN acceleration

    Provides CDN acceleration services that cover the whole network.

They Are All Using SpeedyCloud!
  • Dangdang.com is the global renown online retailer, it is the first Chinese B2C online retailer based on online business.

  • Wangfujing Group, is the largest domestic retailing group concentrated on the development of retailing business.

  • SECOO Group, a leading Online-Offline Premium Lifestyle platform, listed in NASDAQ on Sept.22nd, 2017, under the symbol of 'SECO'.

  • Guazi.com is the flagship website in China focusing on 2nd-hand vehicle direct selling.

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