Video Transcoding

Transcoding is a cloud service for the transcoding of a variety of audio and video data. It enables multimedia data to be transcoded in the form of cloud into a format suitable for playing on various platforms. It also supports a variety of value-added functions including screenshot, clipping, watermark, scroll view and stream selection. It applies to audio and video websites, online education, finance videos, e-commerce videos and other scenarios.

Product Advantages

Ultra-high-speed transcoding
SpeedyCloud’s self-developed hardware multi-core transcoding technology helps you realize high-speed transcoding of media video at 10-30 times
Highly-extensible media transcoding template
Providing preset templates, intelligent templates and custom templates to meet your diversified transcoding needs
Convenient and easy to access
Easy-to-understand access files and perfect service-end API, making cloud transcoding easy and convenient
One-stop service
Rich video transcoding and value-added functions, helping you complete transcoding, screenshot, clip, watermark, porn identification and other operations for massive files in a one-stop manner
High-availability services
7*24 whole-hearted service supports enable high-availability services of 99.9% SLA

Core Functions and Services

On-demand transcoding
Supporting the transcoding of audios and videos in a variety of input and output formats, to meet your scenarios for different businesses and terminals
Live broadcast transcoding
Supporting real-time transcoding, multi-rate, sampling screenshot, and real-time watermark of the live stream. Being able to satisfy scenarios including live interactive broadcast, live mobile broadcast and live gaming broadcast
Media appreciation
Supportive of the screenshot, watermark, clip, porn identification and other audio and value-added video services. Supportive of scroll view (on-demand file transferred to live stream) scenarios and directed broadcast scenarios
Various templates
Providing static templates and custom templates, which can meet the H.264 transcoding requirements of different terminals and types. Supporting task flow, enabling multiple types of tasks to be completed at the same time

Application Scenarios

Video websites
Providing more stable and more fluid on-demand experience. Providing one-stop audio and video-on-demand solution integrated with audio and video upload, automatic transcoding, media resource management and distribution acceleration. Helping to build a secure, flexible, highly-customizable on-demand broadcast platform and application.
Online education
Quickly build your teaching platform. Rich video functions make the best viewing experience, and help you develop your own teaching platform! Satisfying teachers’ needs to share course videos and realizing unified management of educational resources.
TV media
Quick transcoding to meet the technical requirements of traditional radio and television videos: transcoding services that meet the requirements of technical specifications of traditional radio and television videos. Multiplier-speed transcoding function enables higher transcoding efficiency. Rich experience acquired in countless times of optimization and processing of blockbusters provides you with better picture quality and more smooth viewing experience.