Video on Demand(VOD)

Based on SpeedyCloud Object Storage Service, SpeedyCloud VOD is a full-scale audio & video on-demand solution, including: collecting, editing, uploading, transcoding, management, playing, and acceleration.

Product Advantages

Myriad storage spaces
Using SpeedyCloud Object Storage Service as underlying storage, data is secure, reliable, and scalable in terms of capacity.
Highly efficient transcoding
The distributed hardware transcoding makes large files transcoding more efficient and faster.
Rich features
Powerful video recording and editing supports adding mainstream special effects. Multiple code-rate and resolution switching are supported when playing, to satisfy different scenarios and requirements.
Flexible deployment
Powerful and straightforward SDKs are provided for customization supplementing with 7*24 tech support.

Core Functions and Services

Support richful general audio and video editing, and special effects like skin beautifying and filters.
Support uploading via webpage and SDKs to satisfy user’s various scenarios.
The distributed hardware transcoding makes large files transcoding more efficient and faster. User can customize different transcoding configurations.
Leveraging SpeedyCloud Object Storage Service makes your storage highly scalable.
Video Management
User can manage videos visually by using online console.
Video playing
Support CDN, anti-leeching, and URL encryption.
Freely switching among multiple code-rate and resolution. Support different playing speed, video stretching, and automatic re-connecting. Customization is also provided.


SpeedyCloud VOD supports monthly billing, mostly including: storage, transcoding, and video acceleration. Others are traffic fees etc, for downloading video source file. Here are the details:

  Billing Type Price
Transcoding Per format H.264 Fluent (640*480) 0.096 CNY/minute
H.264 HD (1280*720) 0.099 CNY/minute
H.264 Super HD (1920*1080) 0.195 CNY/minute
H.265Coding Format Negotiable
Storaging Per storage ladder 0-50TB 0.165 CNY/GB/Month
50TB-500TB 0.162 CNY/GB/Month
500TB-5PB 0.159 CNY/GB/Month
>5PB 0.156 CNY/GB/Month
CDN Per bandwidth (95th Percentile charging) 0-100M 20 CNY/Month/M
100-1000M 18 CNY/Month/M
1000-10000M 16 CNY/Month/M
100000M+ 14 CNY/Month/M
Per traffic 0GB-500GB 0.45 CNY/GB
500GB-1TB 0.35 CNY/GB
1TB-50TB 0.30 CNY/GB
50TB-100TB 0.25 CNY/GB
Source file download Per traffic ladder 0-1TB 0.5 CNY/GB
1TB-100TB 0.45 CNY/GB
100TB-200TB 0.4 CNY/GB
>200TB 0.35 CNY/GB
Per GET times 0.01 CNY/10K times