SpeedyCloud Short Video

SpeedyCloud Short Video solution supports video recording, editing, uploading, transcoding, management, playing, and accleration.

Product Advantages

Comprehensive features
Supports mainstream short video mobile APPs with flexible and extendable and components.
Highly efficient transcoding
The distributed hardware transcoding makes large files transcoding more efficient and faster.
Customizable material library
Regularly updated material library supports customization.
One-Stop services
Full-scale solution from client uploading to cloud to replaying.

Core Functions and Services

Real-time special effect preview
User can preview the special effect at real time when editing.
Rich editing features
Supports video cropping, speed-changing, image insert, video parameter adjusting, and rotation.
Real-time skin beautifying
Skin beautifying effect can be added directly when filming and editing. Level adjustment is also supported.
Theme system
Smart processing can be done with one click to the video theme. Over 100 themes can be selected.
Video subtitle
General subtitle requirements i.e.: transparent, multi-line, font, and moving text, are supported,
Animation sticker
Supports effects like mirroring, rotation, sticker with sound, and moving sticker.
Foreground filter
You can adjust frames and foreground animation processing other than color adjusting.
Material library
Regularly updated material library supports customization. Over 100 themes, over 50 font styles, over 300 stickers, and over 50 filters are provided.


  • SDK download

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