SpeedyCloud Real-Time Audio Video Communication

SpeedyCloud Real-Time Audio Video Communication is the high available and high quality audio and video call product. Using WebRTC, the next generation video call standard, and combining with related SDK, you can build your own real-time audio and video communication platform without any barrier.

Product Advantages

SDK embedding
User can embed your own mobile application, web page and windows application by employing SDKs.
Simple and fast
SDK interfaces are easy to use for rapid development of your own audio and video communication products without installing any plugin to the browser.
Media server
High-end independent WebRTC Media Server software is provided including real-time media engine and administration.

Core Functions and Services

Full-scale client support
Includes iOS, Android, web, and Windows clients.
Co-existing model
SFU and MCU co-existing model
Smart security
Smart QoS with secured encryption.
Quality optimization
Dynamic code-rate adjusting under unstable user-end bandwidth keeps the call clear and fluent.
Low latency
Transcoding and streaming-push are done under low latency. SFU latency is lower than 100 millisecond, and MCU 150 millisecond.

Video recording

Real-time recording
Supports real-time recording and saves the file to SpeedyCloud’s cloud storage with 99.9999999% reliability. Supports transcoding, replay, rewind, and download.
Multiple channels recording
The Media Engine can record one channel or multiple channels of audio and video streaming based user’s request.
Recording format
Support SFU and MCU recording and MP4 and WebM file format.

Application Scenarios

Remote diagnosing
Online education
Voice call
Audio and video conference call
Online doll catching game
Online recruiting
Online Service