Live Video Broadcasting /
Interactive Live Video Broadcasting

Based on SpeedyCloud’s top IaaS infrastructure and converged with SpeedyCloud’s powerful video processing and scheduling capabilities, SpeedyCloud Live Video Broadcasting and Interactive Live Video Broadcasting platforms provide a one-stop service including video upload, coding and decoding, and large-scale video content distribution to fully meet the requirements of ultra-low latency and ultra-large concurrent traffic.

Core Advantages

WebRTC Based
Based on Google’s open-source WebRTC, every details, from audio/video sampling to transferring, have been optimized and under control.
Clear with Narrow Bandwidth
Dynamic code-rate adjusting under unstable user-end bandwidth keeps the video call clear and fluent.
Global Nodes
Global cloud nodes provides inherent advantages for overseas live streaming.
Optimized Lines
SpeedyCloud’s specialized SD-WAN provides optimized transfer routes for video and audio under cross-operators scenario, reducing package lossing.
Cutting-edge Mixing
The newest cloud-end stream mixing mechanism is employed for better quality.
Second-level Connecting
User can open videos in seconds due to protocol optimization.
Ultra-high-concurrency and low-delay
Supportive of millions of simultaneous live viewing. Delay from end to end can be as low as one to three seconds.
Safe and reliable
Providing anti-leech, which can reduce requests from illegal sources and avoid unnecessary bandwidth and traffic costs.
Durable Storage
The data is saved into durable SpeedyCloud storage platform with over 99.9999999% reliability.
Multi-protocol Conversion
Supportive of RTMP up streaming, HTTP, HLS and RTMP down streaming, and protocol conversion.
Stereoscopic monitoring
Providing omnidirectional and stereoscopic monitoring of network, equipment, quality, and business, to find problems and give feedback in real time, and ensure high quality live broadcast acceleration service.
Adaptation to multiple terminals
Adaptation to multiple terminals Providing acquisition of SDK and playing SDK from various platforms and various terminals, including Android devices, IOS devices, PC and Web.

Product Functions

Opening videos in seconds
With protocol optimization, users can open videos in seconds
Various SDKs
With a variety of SDKs, users can connect live videos seamlessly to their business application systems
Interactive function
Supportive of IMD, desktop sharing, whiteboard sharing, and other interactive functions
Video chat function
The M.C. and the audience can connect with each other bidirectionally and interact with each other in real time. Up to 20 people can participate in video chat at the same time, and video chat messages can be mixed and pushed to ordinary users
Recording of live broadcast
Live broadcast content can be recorded into on-demand files, making it convenient for customers to request on-demand broadcast of applications and conduct monitoring subsequently
Providing various API functions such as live channel creation, modification, and query, which can be integrated seamlessly with the user's own video content management system
Issuance of live stream
Supportive of distributing live streams in HLS, RTMP, and FLV formats
CDN delivery
CDN can be delivered automatically and quickly
Video monitoring
Providing video recording, screenshots, porn identification and monitoring
Providing multiple anti-leeches to prevent videos from being downloaded and content videos from being stolen
Providing multi-dimensional statistics, self-service customization of logs on player end and other functions to help customers accurately manage their businesses
Security protection
Providing flexible black-and-white list functions and anti-leech functions. Users can customize their security policies to satisfy their needs and protect the security of live content

Application Scenarios

Social Media
Scenic Spot