Object Storage Service

SpeedyCOS can provide massive, secure, low-cost and high-reliability cloud storage services. It enables customers to upload and download data by calling API at any application, anytime and anywhere, and also achieve simple management of data through Web Console. COS is suitable for storing any files, and applicable to various websites, development enterprises and developers.

Product Advantages

High reliability of data
Erasure coding technology can ensure that data are 99.99999999% reliable, and maximize the security and availability of user’s data
Excellent data processing ability
Assisting you in processing the files stored in SpeedyCOS
Elastic expansion
With SpeedyCOS, you can enjoy unlimited storage space without worrying about the problem of capacity expansion, achieve auto-scaling of storage demand, and further increase your business flexibility.
Low costs
There is no need for initial investment. Its convenience of use-as-needed and pay-for-use can effectively avoid idleness and waste of storage and bandwidth resources

Core Functions and Services

Online picture processing
Based on object storage, enabling users to complete picture, audio and video processing in a one-stop manner
Cross-region replication
Cross-regional replication enables users to migrate and synchronize data in different storage regions through simple operations, and realize remote data recovery.
Lifecycle management
Life cycle management enables users to make rules for storage space based on their business requirements, and make storage objects automatically delete operations at regular intervals
Mirror image back-to-source
Mirror image back-to-source is suitable for migrating the existing data of the original business system. It can help users realize seamless data migration, and ensure that the migration process does not affect the access of existing businesses
SpeedyCloud can provide a variety of API interfaces and tools, and also acceleration services, for different upload/download scenarios
Combination with CDN acceleration service
Files in object storage can be combined with CDN to efficiently reduce access delay and improve download speed by utilizing SpeedyCloud’s nodes around the globe

Application Scenarios

Private cloud storage
Customers can deploy privatization on SpeedyCOS system according to business demands. The private cloud storage solutions that are constructed by experience in public cloud storage are characterized by flexible extensibility, high data reliability, high security, etc.
Customers can separate dynamic data from static data and store the static data in object storage to reduce the pressure of data processing. They can also make use of BGP bandwidth to realize ultra-low delay data download and combine with SpeedyCloud CDN acceleration service to provide the best experience for update and distribution of static data
Applicable to storage of massive files including user’s pictures, audios, videos, and logs. Various device terminals, web applications, and mobile applications can write in and read out data directly to and from object storage
Online cloud data processing
Files can be uploaded to object storage and cooperate with media transcoding service and picture processing service for cloud data processing