Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a low-delay, enduring, high-reliable block level random storage for cloud servers. It supports automatic replication of your data within available regions to prevent data unavailability in the event of unexpected hardware failures, and protect your businesses from component failures. It enables you to partition the block storage mounted on cloud servers, create file systems, and achieve persistent storage of data.

Product Advantages

Safe and reliable
Distributed storage, with data stored in duplicate in different physical servers, ensuring that the data are perfectly safe.
Excellent performance
High IO performance, supportive of high-concurrency reading and the operation of large database easily.
Flexible to extend
Storage space can be extended unlimitedly anytime and anywhere
All-around monitoring
The centralized monitoring system, with 7x24 real-time monitoring, safeguarding storage security

Core Functions and Services

Data encryption
There is no need to build, maintain and protect your key management infrastructure, or change any existing applications and operation and maintenance processes. Disk encryption is not sensitive to businesses
Data backup function
Realizing automatic snapshot function by pre-setting automatic snapshot policy, and making backup in cloud storage on a regular basis
Rapid deployment and elasticity
Achieving batch deployment of businesses by snapshots and mirror images, and expanding the capacity of cloud hard disk as needed at any time
High reliability
Satisfying data persistence based on distributed multi-replica technology and in combination with cloud hard disk snapshot technology