Cloud Cache

SpeedyCloud cloud cache is a memory-based Key-Value memory cache service with high performance and high availability. It is designed to ease the pressure on back-end database and storage services and quickly respond to hotspot data. Currently, support both Redis caching and Memcached caching.

Product Advantages

Easy to use
Support out-of-the-box use. It can be used after purchasing, which facilitates rapid deployment of business.
Clustering capabilities
It supports ultra-large capacity and is of high performance. It acquiescently uses cluster function to output, which provides ultra-large cluster instance specifications and can meet the needs of large-capacity and high performance.
Elastic expansion
Users can adjust the storage capacity of the instance through the console according to their business needs. Adjust instance storage capacity online, without stopping the service or affecting the users’ own business
Safety and reliability
Support password authentication to ensure safe and reliable access. Data persistence storage: memory + hard disk, to meet the needs of data persistence while providing high-speed data read and write capabilities.

Product Functions

With a distributed architecture, if a single node failure occurs, business will not be affected
Memcached version of Cloud database adopts a distributed cluster architecture. Each node is composed of dual module hot spare architecture, with automatic disaster recovery and fault migration capabilities.
Multi-layer security system to protect against more than 90% of network attacks
Real-time monitoring at the entrance of the network. When a huge traffic attack is detected, the source IP will be cleaned and, when the cleaning is ineffective, pulled into the black hole. The Memcache version of the cloud database has full access to the VPC, and an isolated network environment can be built based on the SpeedyCloud.
The perfect tool to share the cache database operation and maintenance workload
Provide real-time monitoring and alarm of instance information such as CPU utilization, IOPS, connection number and disk space, to keep track of instance dynamic anytime and anywhere; professional database kernel expert maintenance, eliminating the maintenance of Memcache source code and distributed algorithm.
Data persistence
Cache service comes with clustered disk storage by default, and will automatically persist the data to disk to prevent user data loss caused by sudden failure, and is also able to restart the service based on the stored information to rebuild the cache service.

Application Scenarios

Business with high-frequency visits
Such as social networks, e-commerce, games, advertising, etc. Store very frequently accessed data in the Memcache version of cloud database and the underlying data in the RDS.
Large-scale promotional activities
Large-scale promotions overwhelm the system with huge overall access pressure. General database simply cannot bear such read pressure, so Memcache version storage of cloud database can be an option.
Data analysis business
Memcache version of Cloud database with big data computing service - MaxCompute. Through data integration services, the synchronization of data can be achieved between Memcache version of cloud database and MaxCompute to simplify the data operation process.
Inventory system with counter
Use Cloud database RDS in combination with Memcache version of cloud database. RDS stores specific data information, and the database field stores specific counting information. Use Memcache version of cloud database to read counts, and RDS storage to store counting information.