Archival Storage

SpeedyCloud archival storage is devoted to providing low-cost, high-reliability data archiving services, suitable for long-term archiving and backup of mass data.

Product Advantages

Security management
A variety of security mechanisms including virtual private cloud (VPC), standard authority control of file system, and access control of authority groups work together to ensure that the data of file system are perfectly safe
Linear extensibility
High-throughput, high-IOPS and low-delay storage performance are provided for the application workload. Meanwhile, the linear relationship between performance and capacity can meet the increased demands for capacity and storage performance caused by business growth

Core Functions and Services

Shared access
Multiple computing nodes can access the same file system instance simultaneously, making it ideal for applications that access the same data source across multiple cloud servers, Docker and other deployments
Easy to use
Supportive of NFSv3 protocol and NFSv4 protocol, making it feasible to access the file system through the standard POSIX interface, whether in a cloud server or a computing node such as Docker

Application Scenarios

Low-cost backup
Providing low-cost backup services for users that need to keep data for a long time, whether the data are from other cloud products or your local storage device
Data archiving
Under the requirements of regulations, many industries (such as finance, medical care, media, education, business, etc.) need to keep a large number of contracts, reports, emails, work-related documents and other data for a long time. Archival storage has a unique design for the preservation of data, which can eliminate your worries once and for all
A substitute for tapes
It requires substantial initial investment to construct a tape library in the early period, and also a large sum of maintenance subsequently with the archival storage, you just need to pay according to the actual storage, thereby eliminating the initial investment and subsequent maintenance