SSL Certificates

SpeedyCloud's SSL Certificates Service provides one-stop certificate solution on the cloud, including certificate application, deployment, and unified management. The user can benefit from it without the hassle of purchasing, uploading and updating SSL certificates.

Product Advantages

Authoritative and Reliable
SpeedyCloud's SSL certificates are authorized and issued by international top-tier CA digital certificates organizations, i.e., Symantec, GeoTrust, TrustAsia, and CFCA, to guarantee the reliability.
Certificates Centralized Management
SpeedyCloud provides centralized management of SSL certificates and supports one-click deployment to load balancer. The user can review and manage different certificates used by different cloud services without leaving SpeedyCloud's Console.
One-Click Deployment
SpeedyCloud Console supports the one-click deployment of SSL certificates, which can be reused in multiple cloud products.
All Browsers Compatible
All certificates are compatible with every browser, including IE, Chrome, and Firefox, etc.

Core Functions and Services

Comprehensive Protection for Your Website
SpeedyCloud SSL certificates add HTTPS protocol to your website to endow more credibility by encrypting the interaction between visitor and the website and preventing your website from hijacking, tampering, and eavesdropping.
Domain Name DV Wildcard SSL Certificates
It’s the most popular and accessible SSL certificate. 10 minutes is enough for fast issuing with flexible authentication measures. All subdomains under the domain name are covered by it. This certificate supports ECC and RSA algorithms for fast whole-site encryption.
Enterprise OV SSL Certificates Pro Edition
This advanced SSL certificate provided by SpeedyCloud fulfills global unified identity authentication standard. It provides 128-bit to 256-bit encryption to guarantee the safety of your user's online shopping and transaction. Company's authentication information will be shown in the certificate's information.
Enhanced EV SSL Certificate Pro Edition
Being the most advanced SSL certificate provided by SpeedyCloud with global unified identity authentication standard, it provides 128-bit to 256-bit encryption to guarantee the safety of your user’s online shopping and transaction. The browser’s address bar will be activated automatically with the name of the owner showed in green.

Application Scenarios

Anti-phishing Website
For the sites without HTTPS, outlaws could create a similar domain name website for phishing. Equipped with HTTPS and using SSL certificate, your website can be authenticated avoiding potential phishing hazard.
Information Encryption Protection
By using SSL certificate, visitor of your website will enjoy the benefits of data communication encryption, thus protecting their information such as username and password when login.
Data Tampering Prevention
Strengthened bidirectional encryption transmission can be achieved by using SSL certificate to avoid data transmission being leaked or tampered. User privacy can be protected to stay away from the loss of company property and credibility.
Faster Website Accessing
For some company’s intranet, the network gateway can’t intercept and interpret HTTPS encryption data and has nothing to do but to let them pass, which makes it faster to visit HTTPS website.