Cloud Security

DDoS high-security IP for cloud security is a paid value-added service launched for the circumstance where service is no longer available due to a large-traffic DDoS attack to Internet servers (including non-SpeedyCloud servers). Users may guide attack traffic to the high-security IP via high-security IP configuration to ensure stability and reliability of the source website

Product Advantages

Safe and free-of-charge
In-depth integration into the Console and one-stop Https encryption work together to ensure data security. There is no need to purchase hardware equipment. After buying a cloud server and an external network IP, any user can activate and use essential cloud security products for free, such as detection of brute force attacks, detection of remote login attacks, detection of DDoS attacks, Web application protection, and intrusion prevention system
Real-time monitoring and Intelligent scoring
Real-time monitoring and display of current data about DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, remote login attacks, Web application protection and intrusion prevention system, enabling users to get a clear picture of security information Intelligently analyzing the risk level of the current system based on information about attacks on various products and providing a comprehensive evaluation result
Dynamic adjustment and comprehensive adaptability
Collecting the requirements of different customers on a regular basis, and developing and improving general products and their functions based on customer requirements to better satisfy their needs

Core Functions and Services

Huge anti-DDoS attack ability
With an anti-DDoS attack ability of 1000G+, the system can defend against various attacks such as SYN Flood, ACK Flood, ICMP Flood, UDP Flood, NTP Flood, SSDP Flood, DNS Flood, HTTP Flood and CC in a perfect way
Protection at the application layer
The high-security IP service has the ability to defend against DDoS attacks at the application layer and identify malicious visitors and actual visitors via various measures such as re-authentication, identification and verification code, which is suitable for defending against both website-based and game-based CC attacks Applicable to security protection scenarios in significant events such as promotion in e-commerce business, promotion in the financial industry and game release
Flexible payment on a daily basis
The high-security IP service supports flexible payment for a capacity of 300G and flexible expansion of DDoS and CC attack defense ability, which has successfully defended against the world's most massive DDoS attack and CC attack

Application Scenarios

Websites are most vulnerable to attacks. Hackers can get the real server of a website through DNS analysis and then disable the website and cause it to stop services through DDoS attacks or CC attacks on the real server
The service can defend against various DDoS attacks based on online games, such as null link, slow link, CC attack, plug-in for kicking out and various attacks on game gateways and servers
Users outside the cloud
Users outside the cloud can also use the high-security IP service. If you are under a DDoS attack in a server room/IDC server room other than the SpeedyCloud server room, you can guide such attack traffic to SpeedyCloud by using this high-security IP service