Cloud Monitoring

The cloud monitoring service can provide information about monitoring on products and resources on the SpeedyCloud platform and provide the dial test function for external websites and services. Through monitoring template setting and alarm notice management, you will be able to know the operation status of various resources and applications on a real-time basis, which can ensure stable operation of services and applications

Product Functions

Basic monitoring
Basics monitoring includes monitoring over all products and resources such as cloud server, cloud database, elastic IP address, shared bandwidth, load balancing, big data escrow cluster and CDN, and will be updated synchronously with products to add more monitoring items
In-depth server monitoring
By the original CPU utilization rate, network card throughput, network card I/O, disk throughput and disk I/O, monitoring over memory utilization rate, disk utilization rate, and process can be enhanced through installation of monitoring agent
Alarm service
After creation of an alarm template, a user can define an alarm threshold on the template. Upon completion of the one-stop setting, alarm rules can be linked to various resources in batch via the template
Website monitoring
Dial test monitoring over external network services and websites via ping and port is available

Product Advantages

Data visualization
Cloud monitoring can provide plentiful graphic presentation forms to users via Dashboard and support full-screen display, and automatic data refresh Cloud monitoring can meet requirements of monitoring data visualization under various scenarios
Monitoring data processing
Cloud monitoring supports aggregation of monitoring data by users in the temporal dimension and spatial dimension
Flexible alarm
After reasonable setting of alarm rules and way of notification for cloud monitoring, the system will send an alarm notice to you immediately upon occurrence of any abnormal situation and thus improve the availability of products of users

Application Scenarios

Cloud service monitoring
You can check operation status of your products and various indexes and set alarm rules for monitoring items on the product page under cloud monitoring
System monitoring
Through monitoring over basic indexes of the cloud server such as CPU utilization rate, memory utilization rate and outflow rate (bandwidth) of public networks, system monitoring can ensure regular use of various instances and avoid any failure in operation of services provided to users due to overuse of resources
Timely expansion of scenarios
After setting of alarm rules on various monitoring items such as bandwidth, connection count, and disk utilization rate, you will be able to know about the current status of cloud services and receive alarm notices for expansion of services after increase in business volume
Website monitoring
Website monitoring services support setting of monitoring over HTTP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, DNS, SMTP, POP3 and FTP protocols and can check the availability, response time and packet loss rate of your website, through which you will be able to know about the availability of your website and conduct timely processing in case of any abnormal situation