Cloud Firewall

Cloud firewall is a firewall product under the cloud environment. Based on the premises of visualization and ordering of services, cloud firewall will help you issue access control policies and realize isolation of important assets, division, and grouping of various services and access relation management

Product Advantages

Centralized management
This feature can realize integrated management and control over test and protection, and reduce difficulty and complexity of management
Accurate defense
With advanced detecting technology and a detection database with plentiful contents, the product can provide precise defense
Lightweight client side
The client-side only consume a tiny amount of resources and thus has no impact on normal operation of the host system

Core Functions and Services

Multi-dimensional protection
Providing a user-defined network firewall, which can perform strict access control over connections to public networks and realize comprehensive protection from various dimensions
Comprehensive policy
Providing a comprehensive firewall policy which can be refined to a particle size of VM. Guaranteeing the security of sub-networks via security group and network control rules
Micro-segmentation of network
Performing micro-segmentation of network when the entire network is separate and independent, to improve agility and speed of security service deployment

Application Scenarios

Isolation of security risks
To prevent the emergence of the port that must be opened due to service interruption, the firewall can realize refined isolation, support division of services and grouping of roles, narrow the attack surface and thus lower security risks.
Determination of traffic security
When a server performs the migration and offline operation, users may check whether there is other relevant traffic that may have an impact on related services through the cloud firewall to determine whether a change of server can be performed safely.