Cybersecurity Classified Protection Compliance Service

Working with multiple evaluating institutions and combining our cloud security advantages, SpeedyCloud provides one-stop Cybersecurity Classified Protection Compliance services to help you harden your security in the cloud and fulfill the compliance requirements.


Simplified Processes
Rich security products gives you end-to-end protection and simplified compliances building processes.
Smooth Transformation
The throughout service processes are smoothly laid out to assure the transformation according to the compliances requirements.
Running Stable
Your application and the Cybersecurity Classified Protection Compliance platform are both running steadily on SpeedyCloud’s cloud.
Easy Management
You can easily manage all the records and processes in the cloud integrated with the Cybersecurity Classified Protection Compliance platform.

Product Advantages

Increase Security Level
Rich security solutions help increase your security level.
One-stop Evaluation
The one-stop evaluation service provides guidelines from infrastructure to application.
Process Accelerate
The level-3 certification of SpeedyCloud can improve your underlying system’s security and accelerate the whole process.
Extensive Experiences
Our extensive consulting and implementation experiences help your evaluation and harden your security thoroughly.

Application Scenarios

Enterprises and Public Institution
The enterprises and public institutions that need to be follow compliances based on government’s requirements.
Special Industries
The industries that have strict cybersecurity standards.
High-level Security Organizations
The organizations that need to perfect its information system security and enhance its security level.