Application Security

Application security refers to ensuring the safety of web applications. It can be used for detection and blocking of frequent attacks on websites. This feature can reduce downtime and the risk of tampering and data theft for users and can hide the source website to prevent direct attacks on the source website.

Product Functions

Protection against common web attacks
Supporting identification and prevention of frequent web attacks, such as SQL injection, XSS, abnormality of HTTP protocol, deformity of HTTP protocol, command injection, and illegal scanning
The observed pattern of alarm without blocking
The observed pattern of alarm without blocking is available, so users can observe whether there is any false alarm issued by WAF and the situation of blocking and thus be free from worries
Invisibility of website
Supporting hiding of website address, to prevent direct attacks on the source website
Regular and timely patch updating
Timely updating of the latest patches for vulnerabilities within 24 hours and rapid updating of protection rules, helping you always stay one step ahead of hackers

Product Advantages

Quicker mastering
There is no need to perform network connection design, installation, and deployment that are required for the use of a traditional WAF so that users can use this product more flexibly. There is no need to change website configuration or code so that users will experience a faster speed
Enhanced ability in offense and defense
Updating of data about vulnerabilities and responses to attacks will be realized in a faster way. Also, features and IP addresses of hackers can be collected for direct blocking of hackers
User definition of rules based on services
Users may define protection rules based on their own business and situation to intercept any malicious traffic or release legal requests accurately

Application Scenarios

Realization of micro-isolation
For those ports that must be opened for prevention of service interruption, the cloud firewall can help you realize refined micro-isolation (division of services, grouping of roles), narrow the attack surface and thus lower security risks
Conductive to rapid expansion
The policy definition method can prevent frequent changes to policies when business volume is proliferating. For example, during the promotional activities for November 11, it is only necessary to designate the same role for a batch of newly purchased servers to realize expansion, for which no change to policy is needed
Whether there is any misuse of port
It is possible that a server provides the same service (same application and process) with different service ports for different service development departments, in which case port resources are wasted, and operation and maintenance may be affected. Through the visualization of traffic, the Cloud Firewall can effectively detect such cases