Virtual Private Cloud

VPC is a logical isolation network environment that helps customers on customization. It enables customers to customize their network segments partitions, IP addresses and routing policies, and achieve multi-layer security protection through cloud firewalls. It supports cloud routers, subnets and NAT gateways. Meanwhile, it also enables customers to connect their private networks and data centers through VPN or dedicated lines, and flexibly deploy their hybrid clouds.

Product Advantages

Safe isolation
Isolated network environments can be constructed. Two-layer logical isolation can be guaranteed through different VPCs
Flexible to deploy
The network is defined by software and configured on demand. IP address range and routing table can be set by users themselves
High compatibility
Products such as cloud server, cloud hard disk and object storage can be used in the VPC network
Easy to extend
IDC can be connected through dedicated line, VPN and other connection ways, and hybrid cloud services can be constructed

Core Functions and Services

Two-layer logic isolation
Construction of 100% isolated, 100% secure network environments based on physical network with the help of OverLay technology
Software-defined network (SDN)
Self-defining IP address range, network segment, routing table, and gateway; programming and managing network on demand
Virtual firewall
Supportive of flexible access control rules that can satisfy the security isolation specifications for government and financial users
Management of entrance and exit of public network
Supportive of NAT gateway and shared bandwidth by multiple services, to reduce bandwidth procurement costs
Constructing hybrid cloud architecture
Realizing intercommunication between on-cloud VPC and user's IDC through dedicated line and VPN, and creating hybrid cloud services

Application Scenarios

Hybrid cloud data intercommunication
The business system exists in the local server room, private cloud and public cloud simultaneously. Based on VPN gateway function, intercommunication channels between local resources and cloud resources 0are established, and completely isolated on-cloud environments are constructed. On-cloud data and off-cloud data are intercommunicated through the public network.
Massive concurrent accesses
Based on the on-cloud private network environment constructed by SpeedyCloud, external services are provided through elastic load balancing, and users’ access traffic is distributed evenly to multiple back-end cloud servers, to cope efficiently with massive access impact and ensure fast and smooth operation of businesses.