SD-WAN can help achieve a high-speed, stable and secure private network communication between different network environments, including on-cloud cross-VPC Intranet intercommunication, off-cloud dedicated DC line connection onto cloud and other scenarios, help improve flexibility of network topology and quality of cross-network communication, and achieve a flexible, integrated, scalable hybrid cloud computing environment based on making full use of the advantages of SpeedyCloud services and continuous use of the existing IT facilities.

Product Advantages

Quick opening-up
Time for line opening-up is shortened to less than 10 minutes from what used to be 30 days. With the full auto operation platform, users can apply, configure and access resources independently and satisfy their individualized requirements
Ultra-low delay
Data transmission is realized through dedicated domestic and transnational networks. Its advantages of high network performance and low transmission delay can help improve user experience
Bandwidth can be scaled up and down on demand, with single line supportive of max. 10Gbps bandwidth connection, to meet the bandwidth requirements of all kinds of users
Seamless extension
Resources in user’s local data center, private cloud, and public cloud can be intercommunicated by SD-WAN, helping to construct an extensible hybrid cloud
Safe and reliable
Automatically switching to redundant lines in the case of line failures. Communication and Internet isolation is realized through dedicated private channel to ensure the highest security of intercommunication

Core Functions and Services

On-cloud VPC intercommunication
Network virtualization technology enables different VPCs to isolate from each other entirely and intercommunicate with each other at high speed at the same time and improves the flexibility of network topology
Off-cloud DC access
Off-cloud self-built DC can be interconnected with on-cloud VPC at high speed, with which a cross-architecture, scalable hybrid cloud fusion network can be constructed
Flexible access modes
User’s local DC can access on-cloud VPC through MSTP/dedicated transmission line, bare fiber, MPLS VPN, and other modes
Global network intercommunication
SpeedyCloud’s abundant global nodes and transnational link resources can provide a stable and reliable global network intercommunication for multinational enterprise customers

Application Scenarios

Hybrid cloud fusion network
The business system exists in the local server room, private cloud and public cloud simultaneously. Based on SD-WAN technology, the intercommunication channel between local resources and cloud resources can be established, and completely isolated on-cloud environments, as well as on-cloud and off-cloud fusion network environments, can be constructed.
Intercommunication of global branches
SpeedyCloud’s nodes around the globe can realize the access of enterprise resources through a variety of ways. Meanwhile, SpeedyCloud’s dedicated transnational links can ensure flexible, stable, reliable and safe Internet intercommunication among global branches of multinational customers.