High Unilateral Acceleration

With optimization of TCP protocol, some defects of the protocol itself are solved, and acceleration is achieved. The overall efficiency of user’s bandwidth is improved, and transmission rate of Internet data is raised.

Product Advantages

Easy and flexible to deploy
Deployment is simple and flexible, without affecting the existing network architecture and applications. Implementation and maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.
Speeding up transmission rate
By unilateral upgrading of the server, SpeedyCloud can be deployed as TCP acceleration product, the transmission rate of Internet data can be raised, and low access efficiency of cross-operator, cross-region and mobile intercommunication can be solved.

Core Functions and Services

Avoidance of congestion
Available bandwidth in the network can be estimated quickly and accurately, and congestion avoidance windows can be determined according to the estimated value so that that network bandwidth can be utilized to the fullest extent.
Quick recovery
Packet loss can be detected instantly and retransmitted quickly and accurately. In the case of severe delay and poor network connections, bandwidth utilization rate can be improved efficiently, and more throughput can be achieved by changing the method the sender can use to increase the sending rate during a fast recovery process.
Quick retransmission
The receiving end is allowed to indicate at most four non-adjacent data-receiving blocks by using the SACK TCP option. RFC 2883 definition is used to confirm the additional use of fields in SACK TCP options of duplicate packets. The sending side can use this operation to determine when unnecessary segments are retransmitted and adjust its behaviors, to avoid unnecessary retransmission in the future. The less retransmission being sent, the more reasonable the overall throughput is.

Application Scenarios

Internet industry
Customers can use the CDN combined with TCP acceleration, and video acceleration service, to solve problems such as long waiting time of opening web pages, a high ratio of video lagging, and long buffer time.
Operator industry
Operators can use TCP unilateral acceleration technology to speed up wireless core network, cache server, IDC, business base, online business hall, etc., and solve problems such as poor user access experience.
Government agencies and enterprises
Applicable to office system, data backup and video conference of government agencies and enterprises, which can help solve problems such as slow access to office system, time-consuming email services, and video conference lagging.