Elastic Public Network IP

Elastic public network IP can provide public network IPs that support dynamic binding and unbinding, enabling you to bind public network IP to any server in VPC under your account in a very quick manner, and also to bind and unbind the elastic and dynamic IP to and from such services as load balancing and NAT gateway, and to achieve matching services on demand.

Product Advantages

Flexible to use
Public network IP address that is used independently can be bound flexibly to cloud server, NAT, load balancing and other services provided by SpeedyCloud, and be unbound on demand
High availability
Elastic IP is used so that fault instance can be unbound quickly and bound to standard instance to ensure the availability of services
Convenient to deploy
IP life cycle is managed flexibly so that bandwidth changes can take effect in real time
High performance
Accessing a variety of BGP networks, which can help realize a high-speed, stable and convenient network access

Core Functions and Services

Flexible to bind
Public network IPs can be attached and unbound flexibly
Configurable network
Network bandwidth can be adjusted as needed and shared bandwidth is supported

Application Scenarios

High-quality public network export of services
Control system interacts with public network on low delay requirements. Constructed with multiple VPC ECSs, the control system can control users’ various operational behaviors and shall interact with a public network in real time, or users’ operation efficiency may be affected. Each VPC ECS is bound to an elastic public network IP to ensure the real-time performance of system
Precise partition of gaming services
Multi-room access for game players. Internet games are played in different rooms, each room with different players and gaming progresses. Back-end system in each room needs be connected to public network separately