Cloud Distribution Network

Distributing contents in the source site to the nearest node for a user to allow the user to access such contents nearby, increase response speed and success rate of accesses and improve customer experience. Solving access delay caused by geographical location, network bandwidth and server performance, which applies to various scenarios such as website acceleration, video on demand and Internet broadcast.

Product Advantages

Global resources
There are 1000 nodes at home, covering China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and some medium and small-sized operators; 10+acceleration nodes abroad, including North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and assisting customers’ businesses going offshore seamlessly.
Intelligent dispatching
The self-developed global dispatching system can realize real-time data monitoring across the whole network and dispatch customer demands to the optimal access node in an accurate way.
Overall protection
Supporting HTTPS encrypted transmission across the whole network, which can ensure data security and defend against DDOS attacks and CC attacks.
Easy to use
Business access is monitored on a real-time basis. Offering more than a dozen self-service functional configurations, comprehensive API interfaces, and diversified management.
Easy to extend
Various products such as object storage can be combined to facilitate extension of infrastructure.
Peak processing
Heterogeneous resources reserve, and high availability/load sharing.

Core Functions and Services

HTTPS acceleration services
Anti-hijack, tamper-proofing, and anti-leakage
Comprehensive data analysis
Multi-dimensional data analysis assists customers in business analysis and development.
Flexible caching strategy
Hot-spot resources are cached in a layered manner, which is conductive to realizing accurate acceleration of resources
Access control
Referer anti-leech, time anti-leech, IP anti-leech and back-to-source authentication work together to eliminate the hazard of leech correctly. Pornographic content identification is also realized.
User-defined HTTP header configuration
Commonly-used headers such as Content-Disposition and cross-domain heads such as Access-Control-Allow-Origin can be added to nodes, which can be flexibly adapted to various application scenarios such as domain crossing of static resources.
Supportive of source station monitoring
Various parameters including back-to-source bandwidth, back-to-source speed, number of back-to-source requests and back-to-source failure rate can be inquired on a real-time basis and alarm can be configured to detect any problem in the source station and guarantee stable operation of services.

Application Scenarios

Static acceleration
Applicable to websites or channels with rich texts, images and a relatively long update cycle, such as web portals, picture-sharing sites, information inquiry websites, securities websites, image channels of e-commerce websites, etc.
Download acceleration
Applicable to websites or channels providing downloads of various contents including audio and video files, software, game apps, e-magazines and software patches, such as software websites, game websites, magazine websites, etc.
Acceleration of on-demand streaming media
Applicable to various types of websites or channels on which streaming servers are used for providing audio and video-on-demand services, including video-sharing sites, film websites, music websites, education video websites, finance and economics video websites and news video channel of web portals, etc.
Acceleration of live streaming media
Applicable to websites or channels providing live streaming media services, such as media websites for live news broadcasting, audio and video websites providing TV or radio services, websites providing live broadcasts of important sports events, etc.
Going-offshore acceleration
Providing supports such as acceleration, registration and consultation of overseas websites, and acceleration of going-offshore and back-to-source services.