BGP Network

SpeedyCloud has accessed multi-line BGP networks in major cities of China. BGP networks enable the lines from different operators including China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom to interconnect and intercommunicate with each other so that visitors from different operators can access the data center rapidly and access experience of customers can thus be optimized.

Product Advantages

Maintenance-free operation and easy deployment for users
Users need not conduct any adjustment to servers and only need to set an IP address of “SpeedyCloud” for the servers, based on which the BGP of SpeedyCloud will select the optimal access route for users automatically
Mutual backup among multiple lines to ensure worry-free operation
When there are multiple BGP interconnected lines, mutual backup among various routes can be realized. When any fault in one line occurs, the system will switch to another line automatically
High-efficiency extension and rapid growth
The BGP network has high extensibility and can realize interconnection between the IDC network and networks of other operators and the arrangement of multiple lines based on a single IP address, ensuring rapid access by users to all interconnected operators
High-efficiency utilization of resources
Interconnection across all networks can be realized with a single IP address to save IP resources, server resources, and network resources

Core Functions

Automatic route selection
SpeedyCloud’s BGP network can determine route hop count and other technical indexes automatically to define a route without consuming any server resource
IP address distribution across all networks
IP addresses of users can be broadcast on the BGP network, and upstream and downstream routes on servers can, therefore, select the optimal paths, so high-speed access by a single IP address can be realized
Automatic load balancing
Automatic load balancing among multiple lines can be realized based on policy, so users can always access the best network resources without the need to conduct any intervention
Automatic route switch
Automatic mutual backup among multiple lines can ensure that when any fault occurs on any line, traffic will be switched to another line automatically based on relevant policies, guaranteeing high availability of the network