Cloud Database PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is praised as “the most advanced open source database” by the industry. It applies to the online transaction processing (OLTP) scenarios for complex SQL processing of enterprises. It is supportive of NoSQL data types (JSON/XML/hstorean) and the processing of GIS geographic information.

Product Advantages

High compatibility
The programming and syntax specifications based on SQL 2003/2011 standards can support C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, and Perl, making your business development easier and more straightforward. Compatible with a variety of data types (JSON, XML, custom, etc.), satisfying your businesses requirements without complex architecture. Equipped with more diverse interfaces, enabling you to extend the functionality of PostgreSQL easily. For example, PostGIS is a spatial database extender that adds support for geographic objects and allows you to run location queries with SQL. More built-in functions, enabling you to get the results immediately in scenarios such as data analysis by using just a few functions including split_part, row_ number, etc., without having to write a complex SQL.
High performance
Equipped with a query optimizer comparable to a commercial database. The query optimizer supports all major multi-table join queries (Nest loop, hash join, sort merge join, etc.), for example, the join of 100,000 times 100,000 is more than 100 times that of MySQL and can obtain results from more tables faster and analyze activities more accurately. Based on SSD storage. The maximum QPS can be up to 10W, which allows you to support a higher quantity of business concurrent requests with fewer databases. A large number of performance views, allowing you to check the performance data such as ongoing SQL, current lock wait, table scanning and index scanning, and help you locate performance problems in a faster and more accurate way.

Core Functions and Services

Quick deployment
SpeedyCloud enables you to start the PostgreSQL instance and connect applications in just a few minutes, without the need for other configurations. Configured with universal parameters by default. Parameters can be modified in real time in the parameter setting of the management center so that you can get rid of the cumbersome and complicated installation and configuration process and improve your operation and maintenance efficiency
Monitoring and alarm
SpeedyCloud provides key performance indexes of PostgreSQL, including CPU utilization, storage capacity utilization, disk I/O, and other performance monitoring data. You can check these data in the management center without extra charges, and locate and solve problems more quickly. The alarm threshold value of index is self-defined, which enables you to keep track of the current abnormalities by email or SMS without having to pay attention to monitoring at all times
High availability
To ensure the availability, SpeedyCloud PostgreSQL default setting provides you with a deployment model of one master, one slave architecture, starts synchronous replication and switches to slave server in the case of failure of a master server, so that your business will not be interrupted, and problems like data error and data loss can be avoided.
Supportive of OSS extension
Users can use CSV format files in OSS as local data tables using external tables. Supporting JOIN with the local data table, as well as data writing and reading, with which the database storage space can be extended to any sizes to meet the requirements of enterprise users for the management of cold and hot data lifecycles.