Cloud Database MySQL

Cloud database MySQL is a high-availability, high-performance database service based on mature cloud computing technology. It is entirely compatible with MySQL 5.1, MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.6, Percona 5.1, Percona 5.5 and Percona 5.6 protocols, and can provide a full set of solutions including disaster recovery, backup, data rollback, monitoring, database audit, etc.

Product Advantages

High-availability architecture
The high-availability instance is equipped with dual master hot standby architecture, which can ultimately solve the problem of database unavailability due to down or hardware failure, and achieve a highly stable and reliable performance far better than the industry average
Secure and reliable database
Master-slave architecture is provided, and data redundancy is effectively guaranteed. The auto backup strategy is combined with manual backup strategy. Meanwhile, database rollback function is supported to ensure that the valuable data are perfectly safe
Elastic expansion
Database resources can be expanded elastically according to business pressure, to meet the requirements of database performance and storage space in different business phases
Lower costs
Resources needed for businesses can be opened on a real-time basis without the need for purchasing high-cost hardware at the initial business stage. Therefore, initial asset investments can be reduced, and idleness and waste of resources can be avoided

Core Functions and Services

Master-slave backup
Master-slave physical server is equipped with an isolation guarantee mechanism, with which faults can be switched automatically in seconds to safeguard your services better
Self-service and timing backup
Timing backup is supported, with which data backup can be completed automatically, and manual online self-backup is also available at any time
Visualized management
Online migration of database, direct editing of access authority, and real-time information of system monitoring chart are supported, enabling users to manage their databases easily
Convenient monitoring and message notification
The Console is integrated with a monitoring system, with which the users can know the operation state of database in real time, customize their monitoring strategies and SMS alarm, and make everything under control

Application Scenarios

E-commerce: high-concurrency, high-performance scenarios
Targeted optimization is conducted for the seckilling scenario of e-commerce, which can eliminate the key constraints of high-concurrency update performance of hotspot data, and improve the performance by 100 times. The high-security mode and built-in SQL injection detection module can intercept risk SQL in real time and protect data security
Gaming: high-availability scenarios in the industry
The auto-scaling ability for computing resources can help you realize higher productivity and enables you to deploy the databases for gaming partition in minutes. The master-slave dual-node architecture collocated with high-security link can help you recognize an automatic, imperceptible disaster recovery switchover, and make your business more stable than that of others
Big data computing
As an online relational data storage service, MySQL can be collocated with E-MapReduce, Hybrid DB, and DataV, and be used for various businesses including log analysis, data warehousing, business intelligence, machine learning, and scientific simulation.