Cloud Database Redis

Cloud database Redis version is a memory database service that is compatible with Redis protocol standards and able to provide data persistence. It is based on a high-reliability dual-server hot standby architecture and a cluster architecture that can be extended seamlessly. It can meet the business requirements of scenarios with high reading-writing performance and businesses with the capacity to be scaled up and down elastically.

Product Advantages

Stable architecture
Dual-server hot standby architecture is highly reliable. Data persistence is provided. Based on SpeedyCloud distributed system and SSD high-performance storage. Dual-server hot standby architecture and two data persistence mechanisms work together to ensure reliable data backup
Flexible expansion
The capacity of products can be extended flexibly. Performance can be enhanced infinitely. Products are in abundant forms. Storage capacity, network throughput, and connection number can be expanded to the fullest
Intelligent operation and maintenance
With overall visual management, what you see is what you get. Full-link monitoring and warning mechanism that can be updated automatically helps relieve you from the worries of version management

Core Functions and Services

Single-node architecture
The single-node architecture applies to pure cache scenarios. It can support auto-scaling of single-node clusters, meet high QPS scenarios, and create super-high cost effectiveness
Disaster recovery protection
Local, remote and cross-region disaster recovery are supported, which can effectively avoid the losses of instance data caused by disasters on the physical layer
Dual-server hot standby architecture
When the system works, data in the Master node and the Slave node will synchronize in real time. When the Master node fails, the system would automatically switch to the Slave node in seconds, and the Slave node would take over the service. The whole process is completed automatically without any effects on the service. The Master-Slave architecture can guarantee the high availability of system services
Cluster architecture
Cluster instances are adopted with distributed architecture, with each node coming with a high-availability architecture of one master and one slave, with automatic disaster recovery switchover, fault migration, various cluster specifications to be adapted to different business pressures, and database performance to be extended infinitely
Read-write splitting architecture
Read-write splitting architecture can greatly meet the application scenarios with more reading and less writing. It can meet up to 100,000 QPS writing performance and up to 600,000 QPS reading performance, and break through the bottleneck of hot-spot key reading performance
Multi-layer network security protection
VPC private network protects network on the TCP layer directly. DDOS protection monitors and clears away massive flow attacks in real time. More than 1000 IP whitelist configurations are supported, to control risks directly from the access sources
Backup and one-click recovery
Automatic data backup on a daily basis, strong data disaster recovery ability, and free support for one-click data recovery work together to prevent data misoperation effectively and minimize business losses
In-depth kernel optimization
SpeedyCloud expert team is responsible for making thorough kernel optimization for source code Redis, which can effectively prevent memory overflow, repair security vulnerabilities and better safeguard your services