Cloud Database Elasticsearch

Full-text search Elasticsearch. Providing Elasticsearch and commercial version X-Pack plug-in services. Dedicated to data analysis, data search and other scenarios. Providing functions such as enterprise-level authority control, security monitoring and alarm, and automatic report generation by Elasticsearch.

Product Advantages

Commercial plug-in X-Pack
Providing X-Pack plug-in function, which enables you to realize access control, cluster monitoring, data visualization, machine learning, and other functions
Elastic expansion of capacity
Distributed clusters provide the capacity of elastic expansion to ensure continuous growth of business
Data analysis search
100% compatible with ELK architecture. Providing the capacity of visual interactive data analysis and search

Core Functions and Services

High availability
Providing remote disaster recovery to ensure the availability of services
High-performance SSD storage
Providing SSD cloud disk storage to improve search efficiency
Guarantee of data security
Private network access and multi-tenant data isolation work together to create higher network access security

Application Scenarios

Multidimensional log analysis
Multidimensional log analysis involves statistical analysis of access logs and behavior logs, quick access to index data and delivering these index data to corresponding business personnel, analysis of user’s access path based on his behavior log, etc.
Site search
Site search supports full-text search of site information, search of goods and files in applications, and quick retrieval of site data which can satisfy the fast indexing and accurate location of inventory data