Private Cloud

SpeedyCloud Nexus is a cloud computing management and scheduling platform that manages and schedules all the cloud computing products (including cloud servers, cloud storages, virtual networks, load balancing, routers, databases, etc.). At the same time, Nexus is also able to manage physical devices in data centers. With Nexus, data centers and assets, as well as the life cycle of cloud computing products, can be easily managed.

Product Advantages

Fully automated installation, management, and upgrade can reduce administrator’s maintenance costs and skills requirements; the data can be balanced automatically to protect the number of copies.
Virtual machines with high performance
KVM full virtual machine technology with performance loss <1%. Virtual machine second-level distribution to support custom template batch deployment
Comprehensive monitoring
Comprehensive monitoring of physical and virtual resources, and multi-mode alarm
Fusion architecture
Adopt advanced computing storage fusion architecture of the industry, and customize cloud storage and I/O performance according to users’ needs.
Cloud management platform
Manage across server rooms, with the unified console managing multiple data centers, good operation, and maintenance support, effectively reducing OPEX.
Safety and reliability
Sandbox technology and dual isolation to maintain overall security of the cloud platform. Automatic recovery without manual intervention

Core Functions and Services

Full integration of computing, storage and management
Distributed system architecture; integrated platform management; unlimited horizontal scalability, and online expansion
Safe and reliable cloud platform
Nodes with high reliability and high redundancy; VM, storage online hot migration; multiple data protection measures such as duplicate/snapshot.
Balance between performance and capacity
Automatic data tiering; higher IOPS; local acceleration of virtual machines; online compression

Application Scenarios

Game cloud
Meet the requirements of game cloud applications from infrastructure to rapid release and fine operation, to create a truly automated, visual and standardized game operation platform.
Data center
With rapid deployment, horizontal scalability of nodes, flexibility and easy use, high data security and high availability of services, it can help users to save investment costs.
Industrial cloud
Provide the best supporting platform for industrial applications through super-converged architecture to promote the development process of Industry 4.0
Government cloud
Provide a reliable platform for basic IT services for all levels of government departments
Enterprise private cloud
Provide enterprises with a safer, more stable and simpler IT infrastructure environment