Hybrid Cloud

Achieve interoperability between users' existing internal architecture and cloud platform through the dedicated line and the SpeedyCloud platform, which will help protect the original assets, reduce the cost of cloud transformation and safeguard the existing IT architecture while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of cloud services.

Product Advantages

Hybrid cloud breaks through the hardware limitations of private cloud. It takes advantage of the scalability of the public cloud to gain greater computing capability at any time. Enterprises can reduce the pressure and the need for internal private cloud by moving the unclassified functions to public cloud area.
Perfect services
The security of private cloud is better than that of public cloud, but the computing resources of public cloud are much more abundant than those of private cloud. Under such paradoxical circumstances, the hybrid cloud provides a perfect solution. It can not only take advantage of the security of private cloud and store the internal important data in the local data center but can also use the computing resources of the public cloud to finish the work more quickly and efficiently, which makes it more ideal than private cloud and public cloud.
More economy
Hybrid cloud can effectively reduce the costs. It can not only use the public cloud, but also the private cloud. With the hybrid cloud, enterprises can put their applications and data on the right platform to get the best mix of interests.

Core Functions

All the IT resources are interconnected
Seamlessly interlink the users' businesses of private cloud and public cloud to realize flexible scheduling of resources.
Free switching between public cloud and private cloud
Public cloud services can be migrated to the private cloud of SpeedyCloud without interruption, and private cloud services can be migrated to the public cloud as well.
Safe access and other services
If private cloud, as well as the data layer, cannot be interconnected and the PaaS service of public cloud cannot be obtained, the public cloud service of SpeedyCloud can be introduced into the cloud safety service of private cloud through a dedicated line.
Pay on demand to realize disaster recovery
Users can encrypt and back up their private cloud data to the public cloud storage, and pay on demand to realize remote disaster recovery without worrying about the problems caused by the expansion.

Application Scenarios

Deal with explosive growth of business
Most Internet businesses grow exponentially, making it difficult to predict the amount of infrastructure stockpiled. In general, for a long time in the initial stage of business growth, small-scale physical machine trusteeship can meet users' needs. However, with the launching of marketing activities and the growth of business scale, the original physical machine trusteeship room can be deployed with limited seats, and only public cloud can be selected as a flexible measure to deploy services and meet users' needs quickly.
Deployment of hybrid cloud under regulatory requirements
Banking, finance, insurance and other industries shall meet the regulatory requirements. General public cloud service infrastructure is very difficult to meet the requirements of financial compliance, so such businesses tend to put the system’s web layer, market information, business OA, etc. on public cloud for rapid deployment, and put the core issues such as transactions and turnover in compliance room.
High availability architecture deployment of multi-place disaster recovery
There is already a large scale of this kind of users, running a large number of servers in the operator room. Their core concern is no longer that the deployment speed of infrastructure cannot meet the business growth, but that there is a need to develop from single-center to multi-center based on stability, reliability, etc. by eliminating single points to solve business risks resulting from single data center failures. According to different reliability requirements, the common ways of disaster recovery are disaster recovery in the same city, work in two different places, three centers in two places, etc.