Hosted Cloud

Provide exclusive IDC resources for users, and helping users achieve cloud transformation of the physical equipment. Users can flexibly allocate and manage a variety of cloud servers in the physical resource pool. The managed cloud server and other user cloud servers are physically isolated at the resource layer to meet the requirements of a compliant and exclusive resource pool.

Product Advantages

Physical isolation of computing resources to meet the regulatory requirements
The host in the hosting zone is physically isolated from the public cloud server
Functionally equivalent to cloud server; easy and flexible to use
Zone cloud server has the same function as that of standard cloud server of the public cloud. Supports all cloud server functions such as on-demand expansion, self-made mirroring, monitoring, VPC, etc.
Exclusive resources with convenience and flexibility
Exclusive hosting resources for users' planning to avoid resource contention
Security compliance
High isolation of resources to meet the data protection requirements of sensitive business and comply with the strict regulation of the financial sector.
T3+ server room
High-quality server room to ensure the security and reliability of physical environment and network communications.
No need to pay attention to the underlying operation and maintenance, thus saving manpower.
Operation and maintenance team of SpeedyCloud protects the availability of exclusive physical resources and the underlying hardware and network, while the users do not need to pay attention to the underlying operation and maintenance, thus saving manpower.

Core Functions and Services

Physical isolation
Users own the exclusive physical resources within the cloud, ensuring customer-created cloud server is in the isolated managed cloud
Custom network architecture
Users can customize the network segment based on the exclusive VPC, divide the security zone, and configure the security group rules to facilitate users to build a three-dimensional protection network
High-quality network
BGP network supports access to all major domestic carriers; it covers the country’s fast public network; it allows cross-domain second-level scheduling when failure of public network entrance occurs
Distributed storage
Using distributed storage architecture and multi-copy technology, which does not cause data loss when the physical equipment failure occurs
Resource control
Users can view the overall situation as well as the consumption of resources, and can create, delete and change resources at will, to stay well informed of the resource usage
Flexible configuration
Provide various computing, network and disk resources for selection and adjustment