High-Performance Cloud Server

SpeedyCloud SSD high-performance cloud server has the advantages of fast reading and writing speed, strong anti-shock resistance and low power consumption, and its I/O throughput capacity is up to tens of thousands, which is nearly 10 times that of ordinary cloud servers. At the same time, the transfer speed of storage data in SSD hard disk is several times faster than that of traditional mechanical hard disks, which can effectively reduce data security risks.

Product Advantages

High-quality network
China Unicom & Telecom double line, multi-line BGP and other high-quality networks and cloud nodes covering the world
Quick deployment
Quick deployment of one or multiple cloud servers in seconds; purchase on demand; can be used out-of-the-box
Superior performance
High-performance CPU, Memory and SSD local-storage, as well as strong IO performance, can fully meet the demands of users' randomly reading and writing
Flexible expansion
Horizontal and vertical scaling of cloud resources can be carried out at any time to eliminate waste of resources and save cost
Safe and reliable
Provide multi-dimensional security protection, high availability of data ensured by distributed storage, and automatic migration after downtime
Convenient management
Self-management platform, providing a variety of API interfaces, 7 × 24-hour professional technical support and emergency response

Core Functions and Services

Meet demands of multiple applications
We adopt super-high-performance SSD to offer high-performance IOPS which satisfies the demand from application architecture covering games, e-commerce, big data, videos, and databases
High reliability
SSD hard drives adopt RAID redundancy backup, providing better performance and higher reliability. The on-line hot migration and customized snapshot backup function ensure data reliability of not less than 99.999999%
Comprehensive protection
Complete network isolation between users to ensure data security. We provide a customized network firewall and establish security groups by issuing security policies to supply multi-dimensional comprehensive protection
Real-time monitoring
We provide 7 × 24 hours of monitoring, real-time alarm of abnormal conditions, and rapid security response to protect the host and business from interruptions

Application Scenarios

High IOPS application deployment
Suitable for high IO demand business scenarios such as games, e-commerce, big data, videos, and databases. The substantially improved reading and writing performance index of hard disk and the extremely low equipment failure rate greatly enhance the capacity of business processing and save the operation and maintenance management costs
High-performance computing
We provide massive computing resources pool – you can quickly open hundreds of cloud servers for high-performance computing through the simple configuration which requires only one click to deploy. With flexible billing mode and no initial investment, HPC users are able to save costs