Desktop Cloud

SpeedyCloud cloud desktop system is an enterprise-level desktop delivery scheme which enables end-users to access the virtual desktop and applications safely and flexible and deliver HD desktop experience for mobile devices, personal computers, and thin client users. Enables users to access their desktops, applications, and documents anytime and anywhere on any device. Leverage the good integration with the underlying visualization layer to make SpeedyCloud cloud desktop system highly scalable and reliable.

Product Advantages

With resource centralized server, the terminal is highly integrated, and the equipment on-line audit can assure equipment security; Protecting data security through the VDI architecture.
On-demand and controllable construction cost, AMD supportive GPU plan, energy saving and emission reduction hardware optimization
The low latency of protocol optimizes and guarantees smooth operation of office software, streaming transmission technology enables excellent experience of all 1080p HD videos, and no-compromise GPU visualization technology ensures smooth use of concurrent 3D designs.
SR-IOV technology guarantees efficient utilization of hardware resources, the independent guided operation ensures efficient and rapid installation and deployment, and the visual WEB and high-integrated function ensure efficient operation and maintenance management.
Access anytime & anywhere; system configuration which may be adjusted as needed; linearly extended hardware resources
High availability scheme design, low bandwidth protocol optimization, and long service life

Core Functions

No / light agent anti-virus; user behavior audit; desktop and peripherals access control; batch deployment of applications & patches
The platform node is equipped with SSD cache to provide higher IO performance and effectively avoid boot storm; when hitting the cache, the read and write rate will exceed 90% of SSD; the 2 copies of each data will simultaneously write to ensure data consistency.
Virtualization of GPU
Support virtualization solution of AMD SR-IOV; significantly bring down the cost of desktop cloud 3D support while ensuring favorable effects and multi-user concurrency performance without compromise.

Application Scenarios

Rapid deployment of office desktops
Extranet office work
Access the office desktop anywhere and anytime
Secure office work
Centralized management, and efficient operation and maintenance
Call center
Highly reliable, environmentally friendly and energy saving
Common desktop
Unified management of conference materials