Cloud Server

SpeedyCloud cloud server is an out-of-the-box cloud computing service with on-demand scalability. Featuring high stability, high reliability, simple operation and maintenance management, etc., the cloud server has greatly enhanced the efficiency of users' business operation, thus favored by numerous large and medium-sized companies as well as high-growth Internet companies.

Product Advantages

High-quality network
China Unicom & Telecom double line, multi-line BGP and other high-quality networks and cloud nodes covering the world
Quick deployment
Quick deployment of one or multiple cloud servers in seconds; purchase on demand; can be used out-of-the-box
Superior performance
High-performance CPU and Memory and strong IO performance can fully meet the demands of users' random reading and writing
Flexible expansion
Horizontal and vertical scaling of cloud resources can be carried out at any time to eliminate waste of resources and save cost
Safe and reliable
Provide multi-dimensional security protection, high availability of data ensured by distributed storage, and automatic migration after downtime
Convenient management
Self-management platform, providing a variety of API interfaces, 7 × 24-hour professional technical support and emergency response

Core Functions and Services

High availability of data
Data of the cloud servers are protected by RAID. The bottom layer adopts distributed storage, in which multiple copies of data are stored on different physical machines. On-line hot migration can assure the data reliability is not less than 99.999999%. Data of the cloud server system and hard drive are backed up by snapshot, and the backup data are stored separately. The backup is restored to an instance and can be rolled back to any backup point. Users can create and manage backup flexibly and conveniently
Network and application security
Complete network isolation between users to ensure data security. Provide a customized network firewall and establish security groups by issuing security policies to supply a multi-dimensional comprehensive protection. Resist heavy traffic DDoS attacks, and ensure high availability of networks and services. Meanwhile, the features of business traffic are identified, and only normal and safe traffic is allowed to be sent back to the server
Simple operation and maintenance management
Provide image service for the initialized cloud server and application software installed on the cloud server, which can be directly replicated on other cloud servers, saving time and labor cost. Users can manage and monitor the cloud server through the cloud management platform or directly manage through API interface, making operation and maintenance management easier and more efficient
Abundant global nodes
At present, 12 cloud service nodes and over 1000 cloud distribution nodes have been established in China, and 12 overseas cloud service nodes are located around the world to meet the needs of enterprises in global business coverage. Global high-speed Internet DDL provides connectivity between different areas and is not affected by public network operators, resulting in stable data transmission of interconnection between global branches of enterprises

Application Scenarios

Build enterprise websites
We provide domain name resolution and load balancing services for enterprise websites to cope with any concurrent pressure, flexibly adjust the number of cloud servers according to business conditions and provide one-stop cloud services such as object storage, CDN, DDoS and CC protection
Public cloud platform
For the gaming industry, we provide customized solutions to deal with all kinds of demand problems including concentrated access, traffic surge, frequent data exchange and other conditions and easily save game business data to the cloud. The platform is the best choice you can trust to run the game
High-performance computing
We provide massive computing resources pool – you can quickly open hundreds of cloud servers for high-performance computing through the simple configuration which requires only one click to deploy. With flexible billing mode and no initial investment, HPC users are able to save costs
Interconnection between overseas branches
The enterprise intelligent interconnection solution aims to solve the pain points of the traditional dedicated line program. Through a set of automated, visualized and standardized services, it speeds up the launching of enterprise-level dedicated lines, simplifies operation and maintenance, and lowers the enterprise cost