Cloud Router

Cloud router is an additional product provided by SpeedyCloud in SDN private network, mainly used for interconnection between multiple SDN private networks and also used as the gateway for cloud server within SDN private network to access the Internet, with multiple functions such as NAT and VPN.

Product Advantages

Low cost
Support multiple cloud servers to share the public network bandwidth, and for peak-hour services between applications, minimize peak/trough effect of reducing public network bandwidth cost.
High performance
NAT gateway provides a bandwidth throughput as large as 10-gigabit, microsecond forwarding delay and millions of high connections. It can migrate large services to the cloud and is highly cost-effective.
High availability
Adopting dual-server hot standby - when one of the servers breaks down, the other backup server automatically starts to run, ensuring uninterrupted sessions and no impacts perceived by services. The transmitted data is encrypted to ensure safe and reliable data transmission.

Core Functions and Services

Private gateway
Provide SDN private network with the gateway, making it a shared network capable of accessing the Internet. The cloud server within the SDN private network does not need additional bandwidth purchase.
Port forwarding
Provide port forwarding service (NAT), which allows customers to add port forwarding rules by themselves, therefore allowing requests from the Internet to access services within the SDN private network
Private interconnection
Interconnection between multiple SDN private networks.
Provide VPN services to enable customers to connect to SDN private network for remote management securely.

Application Scenarios

Multi-service sharing bandwidth
Build multiple applications based on the SpeedyCloud VPC. Each of the application needs to provide services to the outside world and its peak time is different from each other. Multiple IP shared bandwidths are configured through the NAT gateway to minimize the effect of peak and trough, thereby reducing the bandwidth procurement cost.
HybridCloud data sharing
The business system exists in the local server room, private cloud and public cloud. It establishes interconnected channels between local resources and cloud platform resources based on the VPN gateway function and builds a completely isolated cloud-based environment to exchange on-cloud and off-cloud data through the public network.