Big Data Platform

The big data operation platform can unearth multi-dimensional hot-spot analysis, analyze and evaluate website resource correlation and locate and process complaints and. It can improve the pertinence of network resources introduction, strengthen the traffic contribution of introduced resources and enhance the accuracy of locating Internet service complaints.

Product Advantages

DNS data analysis
Provide domain name resolution and analysis and operational monitoring capabilities
Log analysis
Provide network traffic, referrer, bandwidth utilization rate, packet loss rate, delay and other content related to network quality
Intelligent scheduling
Analyze massive data to manage introduced traffic in different regions and improve resource utilization rate

Core Functions and Services

Data source integrating
Support the full amount of off-line access, a variety of log data increment, quasi-real-time access, and RDBMS data access
Data storage and computing
Support for different storage and computing solutions, satisfying customers' demands in various scenarios
Meta data management
Through the data map, data dictionary and data lineage, ensure the meta data standards of enterprise; at the same time, unified definition and management of themes, dimensions, and indicators solve quality problems in the data production process
Data application development
Provide SQL development, dependency configuration, and scheduling management, interactive query, etc., to improve development efficiency

Application Scenarios

The large data operation platform provides data analysis capability for various dimensions for DNS log, solves the limitation of stand-alone devices' service ability, and provides dynamic computing capability and distributed data storage function