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Brand Guide

Brand Guide

Format 1
Format 2
The logo of SpeedyCloud has two formats.
Notes: Please choose your format based on context and do not edit, change, distort, recolor, or re-configure them.

Logo download

You can download different formats of our logo.

Logo Color

The colored logo can only be used on the white background.
Note: if you are using any other background color, please use the white logo.

Brand material usage

  • · Please consult us first if you want to use our logo on your website, product, package, and brochure, or any other commercial usage.
  • · We do not allow a 3rd party to produce, sell or present any object with our name and logo on it as a gift.
  • · When using our brand material, please email to social@speedycloud.cn for any further questions. And explain your scenario and design specifications for us to reply with more detailed information. Please be aware that no response does not indicate our consent.