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Get Ready for SpeedyCloud’s 11th Overseas Cloud Node: Seoul!

2017-04-24 10:15:01 click:
Seoul Node has become the 11th overseas cloud node of SpeedyCloud.
April 21st 2017, SpeedyCloud announces that the Seoul clouds nodes has been ready for customer. It’s our 11th overseas node after LosAngeles, New York, Miami, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Moscow, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City. SpeedyCloud remains as the Chinese Cloud provider with the largest number of overseas cloud nodes.

In China Mainland, up to Dec 2016, SpeedyCloud has setup 9 Cloud nodes and over 120 cloud distribution nodes, covering over 90% of cities and areas.

“Next,SpeedyCloud will keep expanding our global coverage, including Africa, South America and Oceania, with cities in plan as: Cairo, Cape Town, Dubai, Mumbai,Sydney and Rio de Janeiro, building the out-and-out global Cloud for our customer.”said CEO Hao Yu, “In addition, we are planning upgrade our network between global cloud nodes with 10G bandwidth upgraded from 1G, providing the best experiences for our customer.”


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