What is SpeedyCloud Cloud Video

SpeedyCloud Cloud Video is the one-stop Internet online video solution, including publishing, transcoding, storing, recording, speeding, encrypting and statistics. In order to conduct VOD and live stream publishing, all you need to do is to push your video stream to SpeedyCloud server.SpeedyCloud Cloud Video supports all mainstream video protocols perfectly and provides abundant statistic function, and it can be integrated to SpeedyCloud Cloud Distribution and CDN seamlessly. Not only high-quality video play experiences are provided, your toiling of live stream and VOD source site setup and deployment can also be minimized.

What does SpeedyCloud Cloud Video do?

As the one-stop Internet video solution, SpeedyCloud Cloud Video provides live stream source site for the user, multi-datacenter live streaming, transcoding, protocol converting, storage, recording and playing, video CDN and customized functions provided as well. To have the entire Internet high quality live video stream, you only need to send the signal gathering by cameras to the source site on SpeedyCloud Cloud Video.For VOD related services, you can have a full range functions including video upload, PB-level video storage, transcoding, rotation and calibration, entire network live stream acceleration, multi-protocol conversion, statistics, etc. To get your VOD without any pains, all you have to do is to upload the recorded contents to SpeedyCloud Cloud Video.

What are the Unique Advantages of SpeedyCloud Cloud Video?

  • ● Support RTMP, HLS and Http+FLV live stream broadcasting; support VOD based on RTMP and HLS. Support single protocol input and multi-protocol output.
  • ● Multi-datacenter live streaming can stabilize your live video stream.
  • ● Multi-transcoding is supported that can automatically adapt to the video’s real proportion and rotate the video.
  • ● Recording and Playing is supported with the auto-transcoding after the live stream begins based on configuration; customized URL callback can be invoked after live broadcasting.
  • ● Support independent domain setup, which can be used to plan different business types subtly to provide more professional services.
  • ● Support PB-level storage with video transcoding and rotation. On-demand billing is supported.
  • ● Visiting record, user geographical distribution, user network distribution, business traffic is provided within Statistics function to give you the whole picture of your stream services.
  • ● Support automatic transcoding and real-time pushing to SpeedyCloud Cloud Distribution. You only need to upload your video files and setup the transcoding rules to have nearby video watching with better user experiences.