What is SDN?

SDN (Software Defined Network) is whole new innovative network architecture. Its core technology – OpenFlow – can control the network traffic with flexibility by separating the control plane and data plane of network devices, thus set up the stage for the innovation of core network and applications.

SpeedyCloud SDN

SpeedyCloud provides you SDN-based network solution, which can meet customer's demand on network planning, administration and segregation. In our SDN network, based on your own business system and network requirement, customer can setup your own subnet, or add/delete your cloud servers in different network environments, in order to satisfy the needs of networking security or traffic control.

Our Advantages

  • Using SDN, our customer can build their own network and isolate different private networks. The security of the cloud servers can be enhanced greatly.
  • ● SDN private network can be easily created and effected in real-time.
  • ● SDN supports API calling for you to program and automate for your operating and deployment.