What is SpeedyCloud Load Balancing?

SpeedyCloud’s Load Balancing service can automatically route the application traffic to several cloud servers and automatically switch to normal servers from dysfunctional ones. Hence your application’s serviceability, availability and resources utilization are improved.


  • ● Your clients’ traffic is balanced to several servers intelligently so that the servers’ load is optimized, and their productivities are increased.
  • ● We support path auto-detection to detect your servers’ working status, support session-based complex balancing.
  • ● We support manual configuration on putting idle servers into the server pool, thus implement the traffic load balancing.


  • ● High Availability: Support high concurrency. SpeedyCloud Load Balancing uses full redundancy design without single point of failure risk. The availability reaches 99.99%.
  • ● Low Cost: Comparing to the traditional hardware load balancing devices, the cost decreases 60%. You don’t need to purchase expensive load balancing devices that are seldom used.
  • ● High Security: Combining with SpeedyCloud Security, SpeedyCloud Load Balancing provides anti-DDoS ability, including: CC, SYN flood etc.


  • ● Network congestion is avoided. Because the load balancing service is provided using servers nearby irrelevant of physical location.
  • ● Better accessing quality can be provided for the user.
  • ● Server response time is shorter.
  • ● Server and other resources’ utilization is increased.
  • ● Single Point of Failure can be avoided at the critical part of the network.