What is SpeedyCloud Server?

Integrated with high performance physical server and high quality network infrastructures, SpeedyCloud Server provides growing enterprises IaaS facilities with lower cost, higher reliability and easier management, solving the problems of expensive renting and unstable service qualities.

Unique Advantages

High Quality Network

Multiple links with China Unicom & China Telecom, etc. We also provide BGP connected with 8 ISPs in China.

High Performance

Using exclusive Intel XEON CPUs, the enhanced I/O can fulfill the random read and write demands.

Flexible Extendibility

Online upgrade your bandwidth without database suspension.

Rapid Deployment

Provision your cloud server in minutes. Buy & Play.

Secure & Reliable

Full protection is provided from multi perspectives, including data security, network segregation and customized firewall.

Cost Saving

We minimize your cost by supporting pay-as-you-go by hour with multilevel configuration.

Full Service

7 x 24 customer service. Solve your problem any time, anywhere.

Complete OS

We provide Windows Server, CentOS, Ubuntu Server and RHEL with all versions.

Exceptional Oversea Resources

  • ● 14 zones covering all Europe and east and west coast of U.S
  • ● US datacenters are connected with 275 ISPs with the uplink of 25G. The average delay of ping from China is 49ms, and the lowest ping is 8ms.
  • ● European datacenters are uplinked with several 10G and 100G ISPs with 1Tb bandwidth totally. The average delay of ping from China is 38.5ms, and the lowest ping is 9ms.

Powerful API

"IaaS with no API is not Cloud Computing!" We are one of the earliest cloud API providers. The APIs we provide now cover all the important operations, including: provisioning, closing, backup and restoring, etc.

SpeedyCloud SSD High Performance Cloud Server

With booming traffic and business and the business logic getting more and more complicated, normal cloud server suffers from low I/O throughput, hence your company’s rapid development will suffer from discontent of the users, with the result of lower website responding, or game jamming, or network package lost. To solve alike problems, why don’t try our newest SpeedyCloud SSD High Performance Cloud Server?
SSD Drive has high read/write speed and it can resist the shock and fall off with the advantage of lower power consumption. The I/O throughput of it can be easily over several dozens of thousands IOPS, which is almost 10 times of normal cloud server. The data transfer speed of the whole SSD is several times over traditional hard disk, which will reduce the data security risk effectively.

Comprehensive Monitoring