What is SpeedyCloud Distribution?

We provide the most advanced pay-as-you-go CDN services, which can speed up your visitor by 3 times thus improve their experiences. It protects you from CC/DDoS attack and supports all-site hybrid acceleration including dynamic and static content. CSS/JS optimization and page compression are also supported. Visitor's response time is reduced and they can get better user experiences.


Caching StrategyRefreshing

How to Charge?

  • The cost can be paid based your traffic after using and it can be accumulated by month, using as the basis for ladder-price.
  • The payment is calculated by hours and added to your monthly bill. I.E.: the cost of 1:00-1:59, will be deducted after 2:00.
  • For example:
  • If you start to use since 9:20 June 16th, and 40GB has been used till 10:00. The cost of this period would be the sum of all ranges:
  • 0 - 1G: 1 X 1.2 = ¥1.2
  • 1 - 10G: 9 X 0.9 = ¥8.1
  • 10 - 50G: 30 X 0.6 = ¥18.0
  • Total Cost:1.2 + 8.1 + 18.0 = ¥27.3 (This is what you need to pay for the traffic between 9:20 and 10:00.)
  • Since we accumulate the cost by month, the next hour's traffic cost will be calculated based on 40G, not from 0.

How to Accelerate Your Website by Using CDN?

CDN - Content Delivery Network, is the network application in between networking layer and application layer. The purpose is to add new layer architecture to current Internet. By using intelligent centralized management system and spread server clusters to improve the service quality, increase the capability and security of the web services, user's response can be enhanced. SpeedyCDN has setup acceleration nodes in all major area nationwide. The SpeedCDN uses intelligent DNS system to reassign the user to the most nearer Cache node, hence achieve the website acceleration effect.

What kind of website is suitable for the CDN?

  • ● Static content such as static Web, images and so on
  • ● Static content: The pages which are generated by data query program such as JSP/PHP, but the different customer view the same content by the same URL.
  • ● Streaming video content: streaming media server such as HLS, FMS launching, and the FLV of HTTP.
  • ● File download
  • NOTED:
  • 1. No record or the record number which is inconsistent with the domain name
  • 2. The sale of drugs and restrained knives Websites with illegal statements and information.
  • 3. Video Websites without audio-visual license
  • 4. Forum or community websites without Special approval certification.