What is SpeedyCloud Cloud Database

Developed by SpeedyCloud, Cloud Database is the state of the art database solution that can be used to simplify datacenter operating and increase R&D productivity, which includes Relational Database Solution (RDS) and NoSQL databases. Integrated with SpeedyCloud’s longtime technologies and practices, SpeedyCloud Cloud Database is dedicated to provide one-stop, stable, secure and reliable database solution.


  • ● Easy to Get Started. You can have your own advanced database systems without the need to be a DBA or to encounter the complicated installation and setup.
  • ● Reliable & Durable. SpeedyCloud Cloud Database has passed the continuous stress testing by 3rd parties. The read and write performances and transaction processing abilities have been keeping stable and reliable without stop.
  • ● Outstanding Performances. Being tested and compared by professional 3rd party companies under high concurrency situations, SpeedyCloud Cloud Database’s tmpC score is among the highest products.
  • ● Elastic Scaling. The capacity of SpeedyCloud Cloud Database can be scaled at real time, which means that customer’s business won’t endure break off, hence business reliability can be assured.
  • ● Thorough Monitoring. A full range monitoring is implemented on running databases' many key metrics. You can get the status of your databases at your fingertips.


  • ● Support Various Mainstream Databases. Currently we support relational databases (RDS), which includes MySQL and Percona MySQL, and NoSQL databases, such as Redis.
  • ● Plentiful Backup Strategies. You can manually backup forthwith, or setup automatically backup strategies, which configures the systems to backup the data at specified time.
  • ● One-Click Restore. You can click the Rollback Snapshot button in the database detailed page to undertake the database’s One-Click restore.
  • ● Painless Setup Master/Slave Architecture. With several simple clicks in the system, you can create your database’s slave, hence setup the master/slave architecture for your database. Both RDS and NoSQL are supported by this feature.
  • ● Setup Database Private Network. Sometimes, you need to segregate different business’s databases and application scenarios. To do this, you can create private network for your databases and applications. By isolationg them from outside systems on the network, your database systems can be kept secure and reliable.
  • ● Provide Comprehensive Database Running Metrics. Your databases can be monitored 7X24 without stop. We also provide QPS and Slow Queries metrics.


  • ● Lower Cost. With professional DBA-level database services, elastic resources scaling and easy-to-use operating interfaces, you can save enormours fixed costs, operating costs and mainteance costs.
  • ● Higher Productivities. By rapidly creating database instances, real time scaling, several backups and one-click restore, you can implement your business’s scaling and feature evolving fast and secure. Operation times are saved and productivies are increased.
  • ● Stable Business Assurances. The steady performances and ease-to-build high availability master/slave architectures of SpeedyCloud Cloud Database will provide smooth database services for your business and guarantee the stability.