What is SpeedyCloud Storage?

SpeedyCloud Storage is the block storage device providing persistence storage for cloud servers. We provide considerable qualities such as data security, availability, performance and usability.

Unique Advantages

  • ● Security: SpeedyCloud Storage uses distributed file system as underlying mechanism. Data has multi copies on several physical servers, and disk snapshot can be used to rapidly restore the data.
  • ● Performance: We provide ultra-high I/O performance supporting high concurrent read and write, thus support Big Data application easily. I/O read and write rate-limiting is also supported to avoid the resource contention between different customers.
  • ● Availability: Our storage provides stable service reaching 99.99%.
  • ● Compatibility: Universal block storage supports multiple format mass storage.
  • ● Extendibility: You can scale out your storage elastically without limitation based your specific scenarios. The lifecycle of the storage is independent from the cloud sever, and you can mount the storage to any cloud server in the same datacenter.
  • ● Monitoring: Centralized monitoring system provides 7 x 24 real-time monitoring to keep your data safe and sound.

Distributed Storage Architecture

Distributed Storage System is to copy and split the data on multiple independent devices. Traditional network storage system uses centralized storage server to store all the data, hence makes the storage server as the bottleneck of the whole system performance, and the vulnerability of availability and security, which fail the requirements of large scale storage applications. Distributed Network Storage System utilizes scalable system architecture by using several storage servers to share the load and using location server to locate the data. In this way, the system's data is more reliable and more easily to access with higher productivity, and much more easy to extend.