What is SpeedyCloud Cloud Cache?

SpeedyCloud cache is the memory-based high-performance and high availability Key-Value memory cache service, which can be used to relieve the pressure of the back-end database and storage services and respond to the hotspot data rapidly. It supports Redis and Memcached.

Where does SpeedyCloud Cloud Cache Fit for?

The pressure on the back-end databases increases with the business boom. To deal with this, other than the expensive way of upgrade the configuration of the database servers, you can apply the more cost-effective way, setting up database cache servers between app servers and database servers, to ease the pressure of the database servers.
The other approach is to put the hot-spot data in the cache server, which can also be used to improve the responding time and the user experiences.

What are the Unique Advantages of SpeedyCloud Cloud Cache?

  • ● Live Up-Scaling
    Customer can scale up online without restarting or interrupting services, hence his Internet services will not be affected.
  • ● Data Security
    SpeedyCloud Cloud Cache can be run in the independent private network and setup the master/salve architecture. Data snapshot and customized backup strategy also can be applied to the cache servers.
  • ● Data Persistency
    SpeedyCloud Cloud Cache has its own storage cluster and data will be stored automatically to the disk in case of data loss caused by outage. The data can be used to rebuild the Cloud Cache after the services are restarted.
  • ● High Performance
    Based on high performance memory hardware, SpeedyCloud Cloud Cache’s Key-Value storage’s QPS can reach dozens of thousands, which is much better than traditional databases.