What is SpeedyCloud Object Storage?

SpeedyCloud Object Storage (COS for abbreviation) is the large-scale, high-availability and cost-effective cloud storage service. Based on its Internet storage mechanism, using HTTP, you can access your files anywhere at anytime, or apply the operations by using API as well.

What is the Architecture of SpeedyCloud Object Storage?

You can store any type of files, i.e.: websites, videos, mobile apps, etc. into SpeedyCloud Object Storage. It’s also a lower cost way for scenarios like Big Data store, data backup and archives.

What are the Unique Advantages of SpeedyCloud Cloud Cache?

  • ● Large-Scale Storage
    Unlimited storage spaces allow you have no worries on forehand storage planning or scaling problems of your storage capacity.
  • ● Data Security
    Your data’s security and availability is maximized, by automatically conducting three copies of your uploaded files and locating in different storage clusters by SpeedyCloud Object Storage.
  • ● Outstanding Performances
    In order to avoid big file upload failure caused by network jitter, SpeedyCloud Object Storage supports segments uploading of big files. You can also utilize SpeedyCloud’s global datacenters to combine the Object Storage and CDN services to increase the files downloading speed.
  • ● Secured Transmission
    Automatic SSL encryption can be used in SpeedyCloud Object Storage data transmitting; data access control using ASL also supported as well.
  • ● Lower Cost
    SpeedyCloud Object Storage uses on-demand billing model without any extra or forehand expense.
  • ● Development Support
    Full APIs are provided that can be used to conduct all functions. SpeedyCloud Object Storage also supports Amazon S3 compatible APIs, and you can use the APIs to integrate software, tools and 3rd party Apps developed by and for Amazon S3.。